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Summit Program

INTERNATIONAL SUMMIT FOR PACKAGING INDUSTRY Day 1 - 27 th October, 2017 (Friday) Business Day

Event Description

Opening Session

Keynote Session

Packaging the Growth Driver
  • Economic Growth through Effective packaging
  • Zero Waste - Trends for Packaging Growth
  • Sustainable growth through packaging
  • Package Design- a tool for Marketing

Plenary Session 1:

Packaging Raw Material - Accelerating the Growth
  • Paper Packaging- The most Sustainable Material
  • Polyethylene - the most preferred packaging materials
  • Why Polypropylene is chosen by Packaging User Industry?
  • Metal Packaging - A Green Packaging Media
  • Glass Packaging- an evergreen material

Plenary Session 2:

Packaging – Innovative Packaging solutions for growth
  • CaCO3 Solutions to support Growth of the Packaging Industry
  • Protective Packaging-State of the art Technology
  • Vented dangerous goods Packaging – Choosing relevant Testing Methods
  • Insect Blocking Packaging Technology
  • Innovative solutions for sterilized drinking water

Plenary Session 3:

Package Printing & Machinery - A Business Proposition
  • 3D printing- transforming the image of printing
  • Digital Printing
  • Printing on Haze Poly propylene- an amazing Trend
  • Innovative Packaging Machinery- a review
  • Latest Innovation on End of line Solution
  • Technologies in Thermoforming

Followed by Networking Dinner

Day 2 - 28th October, 2017 (Saturday) Technology Day

Event Description

Focus Session

Interactive Packaging
  • Interactive Packaging and its relevance

Technical Session - III Packaging of Pharmaceutical Products

Packaging of Fresh and Processed Foods
  • Important aspects of Food Safety Regulation
  • Innovations in packaging for Fresh Foods
  • New Breakthroughs in the Packaging of Fresh Produce
  • Confectionery Packaging - Consumers View
  • Innovative sterilization techniques for processed food products
  • Innovative Packaging Solution for Meat Product to enhance shelf life

Technical Session -II

Packaging Of Pharmaceutical Products
  • Significance of Packaging for Indian Pharmacopeia
  • Estimation of Heavy metal Content in packaging materials as per EU norms
  • Anti- counterfeiting in Pharmaceutical Packaging
  • Packaging Solution through innovative packaging
  • PET- it's safety aspects for pharmaceuticals
  • Packaging Machinery for Pharmaceuticals

Technical Session - III

Packaging of Personal & Healthcare Products
  • Latest Innovations of Lamitube for Cosmetics and healthcare Products
  • The Importance of OTR and WVTR Permeation Testing on Plastic Packaging
  • Innovations and trends of Label Stock for FMCG
  • Delivering Customer Value through Flexible Packaging in Personal Products
  • Innovative Technology of Blow moulding container for healthcare products

Concluding Remarks

Parallel Session : Research Conclave & Poster Presentation
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